Power transformer for LNG storage facility

Again a delivery of no. 2 special transformers. Two three-phase converter transformers of 11.5MVA power each, designed according IEC 61378-1 standard, having 15° phase-shift between each other to get a 24 pulse reaction on the network.

As usual for CELME on these transformers, the phase-shift is guaranteed on every position of the tap-changer to get the maximum benefits in every conditions.

They will fed compressors in a gas storage facility, and the design was studied to allow the installation in the small shelter on which they belong. Being the environmental condition harder than a standard environment, the surface protection is state-of-the-art: hot-dip galvanized radiators and metal-sprayed tank, with a 240 μm final coating of epoxy-polyurethane paint.

1 300x200 Power transformer for LNG storage facility