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The integration of CELME’s production range with cast-resin transformers becomes now official. This choice has been taken as a consequence of the customers’ several requests for this type of product.

Transformers are designed and manufactured according IEC60076-11 Norm and are certified:

-          F1 (fire class)

-          C2 (climatic class)

-          E2 (environmental class)

CELME production range for CAST RESIN Transformers for distribution sector starts from 100kVA up to 3150kVA, with a primary voltage up to 24kV and secondary voltage from 380 up to 1000V.

CELME’s catalogue for cast resin transformers will be available soon, and will presents two different series, on the base of no load and short-circuit losses:

-          RR Series (reduced losses);

-          RN Series (standard losses).

Please get in touch with our sales department for an request of quotation.