Oil distribution transformers

The secondary distribution market has been targeted since the initial part of CELME history. We have been qualified as supplier by primary European distribution companies for over 35 years. Our transformers meet the international standards such as Cenelec or IEC, as well as specific technical requirements by the customers (e.g. Enel and Vattenfal).

CELME’s range for this application covers:

-          Oil distribution transformers up to 36kV and 3150 kVA.

In our download area you can find our distribution transformers catalogue, stating dimension, weights, accessories and option available for the product configuration.

  • Testimonials

    Looking back to a relationship since 2009, we experienced CELME in the past years as a highly flexible and trustworthy partner. It is easy to do business with CELME, because their openness and customer orientation allow for fast cycle times of information and products.  Acting in a highly dynamic environment like the PV industry, SMA needs partners who internalize that speed and flexibility make a difference. CELME is one of those partners that help driving our success in the market place.SMA Solar Technology AGFlorian BechtoldGlobal Commodity Manager
    Thank to the professional attitude of its managers and to the quality of its products, tested under extreme and various conditions, Celme is since many years a perfect partner of Ansaldo Sistemi industriali.Ansaldo Sistemi IndustrialiStefano Peron Operations Director
    On behalf of Uhde Gmbh, I would like to thank you and your company Celme personally, for your prompt delivery of high quality oil transformers, on time and in perfect compliance with our and Schneider Electric Gmbh’s specifications. We look forward to a continuing collaboration.Uhde GmbH - Schneider ElectricUhde Purchasing Manager