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The new European directive 548/2014 set an important reduction both on no load losses and on load losses for distribution and power transformers which will be placed in the European Market, Norwey, Lichtenstein and Iceland states.
The European directive applies only on transformers sold after July 1st 2015.
CELME in collaboration with ANIE Energie (one of the most important federation of industrial sector), draw up a Vademecum to clarify the limitations introduced by the new regulation, clarifying timing and application field.
The new parameters introduced by this regulation will lead to have higher transformer efficiencies, reduction of emissions in the air therefore a better eco-sustainability of the product.
This is only the first step of the European regulation, a new emissions reduction is already scheduled from July 1st 2021.
CELME has designed a new transformer series, contact us on to have a quotation.