News & Events

Successful delivery of a 2.5 MVA transformer with on load tap changer. It will be soon energized in a power sub-station located in Lithuania. Customer and end user acknowledged their fully satisfaction after the witnessing of the FAT at Celme testing room.

Two power transformers have been delivered in July in a LNG storage facility in Germany.

New figure at the head of the company: Eng. Sandro Sattin is the new general manager of CELME Srl.

Completed the supply of two power transformer for the buildup of Al-Mansurya plant (Iraq).

Construction completed for 14 power transformers from 1 to 8MVA, 6 and 12 pulses for North Africa.

Three transformers for off-shore platform in the North Sea.

One full week of tests with final customer delegation succesfully closed the construction of one power transformer 12.750 kVA with on load tap changer.

One more Atex certified (zone 2 IIA T3) transformer designed and delivered by Celme at the end of April 2014…

Delivery and ATEX certification in only 8 weeks for 2 transformers 1600kVA. Final destination: off-shore platform sited in Cameroon.

Another 10MVA power transformer positively tested in CELME workshop. Its design? Hermetic type cooled with detachable radiators!