QSE Policy

Always focused on quality as main goal to compete worldwide with its products and services, CELME’s management has promoted during the years an improvement of quality systems, completing it with environmental care and workers safety management.

CELME arranged since 1994 for a certified quality management, which has been extended with the time to environmental and safety management too.

CELME’s management fixes some values which can be listed as follows:

-       Full observance of local, national and EU legislation;

-       Creation of an environmental management system with the aim to erase, reduce or monitor possible negative environmental impacts of its activities, products and services;

-       Protection of product quality, respecting the environment and guaranteeing workers’ health and safety in all work environments;

-       Job injuries calculation and analysis;

-       Certified companies for collection and garbage disposal;

-       Workers involvement and motivation through training and information activities on quality management themes, on safety of working environment and environmental impacts;

-       Supplier and sub-supplier involvement and sharing of CELME’S policy and goals;

-       Periodic internal checks and inspections to verify correct application of quality directives, in order to prevent non- conformities.

-       Development and tuning of environmental and safety emergency plans, including actions and procedures to prevent fortuitous  or emergency situations and to limit the effects;


Through a constant exchange with its collaborators and involved workers, CELME’s management is committed to review periodically the validity and suitability of this document , in order to keep it always fitting with the corporate image.

  • Dal 1964 progettiamo e realizziamo trasformatori considerando la qualità come caratteristica essenziale del nostro prodotto.
    Come gruppo cresciamo e miglioriamo costantemente, senza perdere le caratteristiche di azienda veloce, flessibile e con elevata competenza tecnica. Spesso i nostri clienti sono i nostri primi “commerciali” e questa è una delle nostre soddisfazioni maggiori.