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Company profile

Since 1964 CELME design and manufacture power transformers. With more than 50 years of history can CELME be considered one of the leading companies in the Italian electromechanical sector. The actual range of production of power transformers arrives up to 63 MVA and maximum voltage class 170 kV – including autotransformers – both oil immersed, cast resin and dry type.

CELME’s transformers have been installed on distribution network and energy production plant, suitable both for standard environmental condition or for high critical ambient (off-shore, ATEX zone, high temperature or altitude conditions…)

CELME is located in Montebello Vicentino inside one of the most dynamic industrial area of Italy: from logistic point of view its position is very strategic for the global trading and for the recruitment of high skilled human resources.

Thanks to the high competence of its staff, to the professionalism of sales department, to the strong reliability of its products and to the flexibility to adjust itself according specific customer’s requirements, CELME is the ideal partner for long-term cooperations.

More than 57.000 transformers installed all over the world and the satisfaction of our customers are our best reference.

  • Dal 1964 progettiamo e realizziamo trasformatori considerando la qualità come caratteristica essenziale del nostro prodotto.
    Come gruppo cresciamo e miglioriamo costantemente, senza perdere le caratteristiche di azienda veloce, flessibile e con elevata competenza tecnica. Spesso i nostri clienti sono i nostri primi “commerciali” e questa è una delle nostre soddisfazioni maggiori.